Macrodyne Hydraulic Presses
50 TO 10,000+ TONS
Macrodyne has established a world wide reputation for quality, innovation and value for the supply of hydraulic presses, press lines and die handling equipment including automated die storage and retrieval systems and ancillary press line equipment for systems requiring more than 10,000 tons of press capacity.

Single-acting, double-acting and triple-acting Metalforming deep draw presses are some of our specialties, however we also manufacture hydraulic presses that handle materials other than metal such as; Plastic, Composite, Wood, Rubber and Laminate.

Macrodyne hydraulic presses are built to facilitate many different manufacturing applications.  The presses we manufacture include; metalworking presses, hydraulic compression molding presses, hydroforming presses, die spotting presses, RIM presses, mold presses, trim presses, transfer presses, coining presses, rubber pad presses, elastoforming presses and hydraulic stamping and forging presses.
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Reliability. Period. Our various press designs have been developed over many years for versatility and flexibility necessary for a wide variety of parts and production demands. Up-time, serviceability and reliability are considered paramount press features in today's highly demanding manufacturing environments.
Die Handling Equipment
Die Handling Equipment
Die Storage and Retrieval Systems

Die Handling Equipment
       » Die Carts
       » Die Openers
       » Die Racks
       » Die Splitters

Rolling Bolsters and T-tables

Press Automation
Press Automation
Precise and repeatable performance ensures optimal process control to form a wide array of parts.

Gain the economic advantages from Automating your Press Lines into one smooth operation. Our expertise extends to hydraulic tandem press lines.

News at Macrodyne
Macrodyne Now Offering Late Model Used Hydraulic Presses
Macrodyne currently has the following used presses available for immediate shipment:

2000 Ton Hydraulic Press
118" x 70" Bed, 98" Daylight, 70" Stroke

1375 Ton Hydraulic Press
70" Daylight, 31" Stroke
Distance Between Columns L-R: 82"
Distance Between Columns F-B: 48"
Bed Size F-B: 51"

The above hydraulic presses are available for immediate shipment in as-is condition or can be sold fully operational in our facility if desired.

These hydraulic presses can also be supplied with upgraded hydraulic and control systems customized to the Buyer’s specific manufacturing process.

Turnkey installation services including transportation, installation, start-up, training and on-going support services including remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance packages are also available.

For more information please contact Jeremy Neil any time by email using our quick contact form or by phone at (905) 669-2253, ext. 228.

Macrodyne Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of heavy duty hydraulic presses, press lines and die handling equipment used in the manufacture of metal, wood, rubber, plastic/composites and laminate products for a wide variety of applications in the automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer & industrial products sectors.

To learn more about our wide range of hydraulic presses, press lines and automation, please contact us any time.
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Innovative Design Meets Quality
Macrodyne’s highly innovative design and quality is evident in all our hydraulic presses throughout a range of single and multi-daylight applications.

Our electrical control and hydraulic systems are designed to provide rapid and smooth press motion with control strategies integrated into the PLC program to ensure smooth transitions through various stages in the pressing cycle, minimizing shock.

We have proven, though an extensive list of satisfied Customers and strong growth, that we possess the competitive advantage in price, quality, state-of-the-art technology and after-sales service.

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Our goal is to supply the highest quality equipment, at competitive prices, that will exceed our Customers' expectations.
Serving Many Primary Industries, including:
Automotive Body Panels
Automotive Structures
Automotive Interiors
Aerospace and Aviation
Sinks and Plumbing
Storage Tanks
Residential Doors
Garage Doors
Agricultural Equipment
Construction Equipment
Industrial and Consumer Products
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