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Advanced Hydraulic System Control
Macrodyne's hydraulic systems, when controlled by modern electrical control systems, offer extensive operational flexibility and functionality.

A variety of control package styles including free-standing panels, control consoles or pendant stations can be supplied to tailor the exact functionality desired. They offer a wide range of process capability.

Control capability can range from a basic manual package to a high level computer based system with integration of sub-systems of other ancillary equipment packages, like in-plant production monitoring and data acquisition systems. Each is clearly labeled with operators in mind.

Functionality, flexibility and simplicity are paramount design criteria for all Macrodyne electrical control systems.

Our Enhanced Control Systems Feature:
» Equipment operating parameter settings.
» Production data acquisition and process monitoring.
» Part and batch counters.
» Extensive fault diagnostic capability.
» Preventative and routine maintenance screens.
» NC functionality.
» Integration with ancillary sub-systems.
» User friendly screens and operator interface.
» Remote diagnostics package to enable system monitoring from Macrodyne's    head office.

Our electrical/control systems will meet all required codes with respect to safety and construction detail and design.
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