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We Have Extensive Metalforming Experience
From the planning to full production launch, Macrodyne supplies turnkey solutions for many metalforming industry applications - from large body panels and structural parts to individual components, always at the highest levels of quality.
High-Performance Lines for High-Volume Applications
Macrodyne metalforming presses are manufactured with deep slides for precision guiding offering parallel slide motion and enhanced eccentric load capacity. Our standard metalforming guide design is a heavy, 8-point, fully adjustable type. 
Experience and Cost-Effectiveness
Macrodyne’s high performance metalforming presses are at the heart of many complex metalforming manufacturing processes.  We have the experience to get the project done right while providing the most cost-effective solution.
Metalforming Processes:
Our single, double and triple action hydraulic presses cover a wide variety of metalforming processes including:

» Deep draw applications with single or multiple point cushions
» Transfer applications
» Blanking
» Hydroforming
» Cold forming
» Hot forming
» Super plastic forming
» Coining
» Straightening
» Embossing
» Forging
» Fine blanking
» Hot and cold isostatic pressing
» Bending
» Cutting/trimming/piercing
» Elastoforming
» Special purpose presses
Macrodyne has recently supplied an 1100/220 Ton, Hydraulic, Single-acting Deep Draw Press for the production of gas turbine components...
Macrodyne Technologies Inc. has recently delivered a 2,000 Ton, Hydraulic Metalforming Press to a Canadian manufacturer of solar panels...
Macrodyne has recently supplied a 7,700 Ton Elastoforming Press to a large aerospace parts manufacturer in Brazil to form aluminum aircraft components….
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