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Die Spotting & Try-out
Macrodyne supplies productive try-out and spotting presses for dies and molds for metalworking and plastics applications
Tryout presses have the benefit of minimizing the die or mold try-out time necessary for pre-production testing of the tooling where dies are tested and tried out under conditions very close to actual production. This enables higher utilization of the production presses and ensures faster turn around times. This is particularly critical for short run or just-in-time production environments.

Macrodyne's try-out presses are designed with high flexibility and functionality to offer the ability to optimize the operating parameters of the production presses. In addition, the presses can be supplied with the capability to simulate the performance characteristics of the production presses.
Productive capabilities are enhanced when these presses are supplied with rolling bolsters, tilting or rotating platens and slide parallelism systems
Macrodyne's die spotting presses are designed with the functionality, flexibility and precision necessary for die testing and finishing. These presses feature oversized guiding components and high depth-to-span ratios for superior platen parallelism. Macrodyne also provides die openers.
Die Spotting & Try-out
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Die Spotting & Try-out
Die Spotting & Try-out
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